Some sound advice on a successful move! Tips for maintaining Control as well as Piece of Mind and One less stressful thing,(NOT) Plus Fair pricing and Professional courtesy service.

  1. When Hiring a Mover. Remember its not about how big the company is. Its the insurance . Most big companies only give .40 cents on the pound. (Not Fair) That's because it would be to expensive. Seeing the owner/operator is on Petes Men on a Move. We have 1 million in coverage with a $500 deductible. Giving clients piece of mind. Especially with sentimental and expensive items. (Grandfather clocks...ect). Bigger is not always better.

  2. Quality Move is better than quantity. Providing value is key along with good workmanship. Having the owner/operator around and not a bunch of Managers and Ass. Make the ability to pay workers better and hence they care as well! Not just 3 9-11 hr workers who are very grumpy! This should be a fun and exciting thing not to be worried about except the new place as to where it all goes.

  3. Consider your audience. From the smallest,Poor and the medium middle class to the Biggest Rich. All must be treated like Kings and Queens regardless of Race ,Religion,Wealth ECT. Everyone is Number one!

  4. Define a posting schedule. Giving customers dates and times around their needs! We will shoot straight if we are unable to accommodate we will notify you well in advance and compensate.(almost never happens) We believe in brutal honesty they provide feedback and discussion, but they will share content they like with their social circles. This is important for refeerals.

  5. Finally if you read this far. For the Month of October 20% off! Just mention PROMO Move Now

  6. Relax and being able to handle other important things such as cable,electric,Gas ECT.


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